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After 38 years of city living my wife and I decided to move our family, which includes our six kids and three Golden Retrievers out to the country.  This was the best decision we have ever made.  Things were not easy.  There were lots of adjustments that had to be made.  But over all, we love it!!


We found five acres, with existing pasture, located on an 18 acre pond out in Eastover, SC.  We are surrounded by lots of big farms, which provides us with a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips.


In our time here, we have acquired goats, ducks and a host of uninvited animals.  Please visit the rest of our site and learn about our little farm on the hill. 


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Sorry, It sometimes takes our pictures a while to load.  For this I am deeply sorry!  Please dont hold this against us.  The picture are truly worth the wait, so please be patient, and enjoy!

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The Sharp Family
Alec, Cindy, Laine, Greg, Davis, Harper, Spencer and Reagan

What's New?

Please check our "For Sale".
We are currently selling our last 2014 kids.  Check out there photos and information on our "For Sale" page.  Please contact me if you are interested.  For contact information please visit our "Contact Page".  I look forward to hearing from you.
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We will be breeding for the 2015 kids in the next few weeks.  Hurry and contact me so you can get on our waiting list.  It will be filling up soon!

New Arrivals !!
We have babies all over the place.  Please check our for sale page.
Coming Soon !!
The kids are so excited ... we have just purchased a Quarter Horse for the kids and the 4H projects.  Keep checking for photos soon!

Three Fainting Goats
Emily, Hera and Tommy

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